LXV CARS is the first luxury car rental agency in the Philippines. Located in Makati near the Manila aiport, our Englisg speaking well groomed driver will drive your VIP guests safely all around the Metro.



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Self Drive Car Rental Manila – LXV Cars

Self Drive Car Rental Manila Services

With LXV Self Drive Car Rental Manila, enjoy a ride with a premium luxury car for weekly car rental, monthly car rental, and yearly car rental. We guarantee you the best cost-effective rates, especially for long-term bookings. LXV Cars Manila certifies a well-maintained and conditioned vehicle with high-quality performance to be ready to use when delivered to your doorstep. 

Place your trust in LXV’s exclusive self-drive long-term car rental as we bring you the most comfortable and luxurious ride for your personal or corporate arrangements. A premium luxury car is clean and comfortable for you to maneuver without the hassle. 

Simply choose an LXV quality car for rent that will suit your transport needs and preferences, and we will be more than eager to arrange the car rental right away.



What are your terms and conditions?


  • The rates of corporate monthly car rental or multi-month car rental programs are for time and mileage only.
  • Monthly rates include 3,000 kilometers per month. An additional mileage fee of PHP30/km will be charged for all miles over the 3,000km included.
  • Use of the car within the area indicated in the authorized driving area section.
  • VAT included
  • Comprehensive car insurance
  • Regular Maintenance of the vehicle



  • Your basic rental fee does not include fuel, driver, toll fees, parking fees, congestion charges, speeding tickets, parking fines, traffic fines, and all associated administration costs relating to such charges and fines.



  • The corporate Long-term rental program is not available for more than eleven-month rental periods of 30 days. Vehicles must be returned to the rental location by the final day of the 11th monthly rental period. The long-term business car rental program cannot be extended beyond the 11th monthly rental period. The company has the right to exit the rental agreement by returning the rental vehicle during the multi-month period.
  • Suppose a vehicle is due for preventive maintenance. In that case, the renter should go to LXV Cars Rental location for vehicle exchange or have the preventative maintenance done, and the cost will be refunded upon return (must keep receipt-PM cost should not exceed PHP5,000).
  • All rental extensions to an existing multi-month rental in progress will require a new reservation to be booked. The rate will be based on the new rental parameters and may change. The renter will be required to bring back the vehicle to begin the new reservation and sign a new Corporate Long-term rental program agreement addendum.
  • The company is financially responsible for the entire rental period reserved and will notify LXV CARS immediately should an employee in a Multi-month rental be terminated. The company is responsible for ensuring vehicle return.
  • Reservations for LXV CARS rentals must be made at lxvcars.com, by a logistic officer, or by calling +63 917 162 7737. An authorized company representative on file must make reservations.
  • Upon initially opening a rental agreement for a Multi-month rental, the renter shall sign a rental agreement and multi-month rental agreement addendum, which agrees to “signature on file” authorization of subsequent monthly rental agreements during the period of the multi-month rental. Rental agreements shall be closed out every 30 days during the term of the multi-month rental.
  • Renters shall receive a copy of each month’s closed rental agreement and new monthly rental agreement via email.
  • Terms and conditions of LXV Cars Rental Agreement apply at the time of rental unless otherwise stated herein.


During the vehicle’s coding day (the day when the car is not allowed to be used according to MMDA’s policy), the renter will not be able to use the car between 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.



  • As indicated on the map below, our vehicles cannot go outside the purple area.
  • Our vehicles have GPS trackers installed.
  • Trips outside this area must be accepted by LXV CARS 3 working days before the drive.



The vehicle will be released only to the renter who booked the vehicle.

  • Company BIR registration
  • BIR 2303
  • SEC Certificate of Incorporation.
  • Article of incorporation
  • Amended Articles of Incorporation (if any)
  • Proof of Bank Information (Bank Certificate)
  • Mayor’s Permit/Business Permit
  • Sample Invoice/Official Receipt
  • The employment contract of the Company Representative
  • The corporate ID of the company representative
  • Current Philippines Driving License for all drivers wishing to drive the vehicle;
    • You agree to keep your Driving License with you at all times throughout the rental for perusal by local authorities;
    • Your Driving License must be valid and current;
    • Your Driving License must show your current residential address; and
    • Your age must be 25 or over.
  • Current Original Government Issued ID of the company representative with your current residential address;
  • Current utility billing with your current business address (if you are renting, please provide the current lease agreement).

Service will not commence if you cannot provide any of the required documentation listed above in its original form. We have the right to refuse the rental for any reason whatsoever.



Renter will not allow any other person to operate the Rented Vehicle unless identified here:

Primary vehicle operator: [RENTER]


Additional vehicle operator: [ADD’L OPERATOR 1]


Additional vehicle operator: [ADD’L OPERATOR 2]




Mileage of the Rental Vehicle is [MILEAGE] at the commencement of this Car Rental Agreement.  Mileage on the vehicle will be limited as follows: [MILEAGE LIMITATION].  Any mileage on the vehicle over this limitation will be subject to an excess mileage surcharge of [PHP AMOUNT] per km.



Before we release the car to you, you must pay the following:

  • Two months advance payment corresponding to the two last month’s rentals.
  • Two months renting fee security deposit refundable to be held by us for the rental duration.
  • The First Monthly rental fee will be taken at the signature of this contract to secure the booking.

Following Monthly rental fees will be taken 7 days before the start of each calendar month.

The payment of the required Deposit Fee shall be without prejudice to our right to claim other damages and/or expenses not covered by the afore-said bond.

Payments can be made by cash, checks, credit card, or PayPal. For Credit Card, VISA, and PayPal Payments, a 5% fee will be added to the due amount.



The Renter must perform basic maintenance of the leased equipment, such as checking tires/air, water/coolant, brake fluid, etc.

The Renter must replace all consumables if consumed during the Renter’s rent. He must replace all consumables, such as fluids, oils, battery/ KEY battery, etc.

The Renter must replace all movable if damaged/lost during The Renter’s rent, such as tires/car accessories, car tools, radio, matting, carpets stickers, etc.

The Renter is not to part with the possession of the vehicle or to sublease, sell, deliver, mortgage, pledge, encumber or otherwise dispose of the vehicle.

The Renter shall not affix or install or uninstall any device or accessory on the Equipment and shall not make any addition, alteration, and /or improvement thereon without the prior written consent of LXV CARS. All additions and improvements of whatever kind or nature made in the vehicle shall belong to and become the property of LXV CARS upon the expiration or earlier termination of this Contract.



The vehicle is equipped with an RFID pass, allowing you to go through the toll without payment directly. The Renter would be charged the toll fees if RFID is used at the end of each month.



During the rental of our vehicle, it is completely prohibited to:

  • Allow use of vehicle by an unauthorized driver who is not mentioned on the rental agreement;
  • Allow use outside asphalt road network,
  • Allow use outside the authorized areas indicated on the map of this contract,
  • Allow use of the vehicle willfully or wantonly;
  • Allow any driver to drive a vehicle while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs or other substances which would impair driving ability;
  • Allow use of a vehicle for any act of felony, including transportation of drugs or contraband;
  • Allow vehicle to tow or push anything, to carry persons or property for hire, or to engage in a speed contest;
  • Allow anyone to make any changes to the vehicle, including repair of any panel damage or tampering with any of the mechanical items;
  • Allow use of Driving License if obtained by fraud or misrepresentations;
  • Allow use of vehicles off regularly maintained roadways;
  • Allow use of a vehicle to carry hazardous or explosive substances;
  • Allow use of a vehicle to transport weight in excess of the vehicle’s maximum payload capacity/overloading;
  • Allow use of vehicle where insufficient clearance of height or width exists;
  • Allow use of a vehicle to any driver who does not know how to operate a stick shift driven vehicle/manual transmission (if the vehicle has a manual transmission);
  • Allow use of vehicle which will result in improper loading;
  • Allow anyone using the vehicle to leave the vehicle without removing the keys or closing and locking all doors, windows, and the trunk of the vehicle;
  • Allow use of a vehicle when there are more passengers to occupy the vehicle than there are seat belts and/or it will violate the Child Restraint Laws;
  • Allow use of a vehicle to transport goods in violation of customs regulations or another illegal manner;
  • Allow vehicle to be taken on inter-island trips;
  • Allow vehicles to be used during natural calamities, excessively heavy rains, storms, or flooding;
  • Allow use of vehicle by a driver who may cause damage to the vehicle, persons or property as a result of reckless misconduct;
  • Allow the incorrect fuel type to be used;
  • Allow the vehicle to be cleaned with harsh chemicals or rough brushes;
  • Allow anyone to tamper with any electrical equipment fixed to the vehicle;
  • Allow anyone to misuse emergency or panic buttons if installed in the vehicle;
  • Allow anyone to smoke inside the vehicle; and
  • Allow any animals to be inside the vehicle at any time.
  • Driving through standing water should be avoided at all times, as this can cause major damage to the engine. Such damage will not be covered by insurance and will be borne by you in full.

Failure to follow any of the above guidelines will result in a fine with a penalty of ₱ 40,000.00 per infringement.



The vehicle will be provided to you in a clean and undamaged condition at commencement. At the end of the rental, it shall be returned in substantially the same condition it was delivered except for normal wear and tear. If we are required to clean the vehicle or repair any damage extensively, this will be charged accordingly. The vehicle shall also be returned with the original key, tires, tools, accessories, and equipment to our office address or as otherwise agreed on or before the expiration of the rental period. Any missing items will be charged accordingly.

You hereby acknowledge that the vehicle’s fuel tank is full at the commencement of service (or when the vehicle leaves our office/garage to your desired delivery location).



Once you return the vehicle, the following will occur:

  1. We will assess additional costs as follows:
    • Missing fuel (current pricing per liter)
    • Late return (daily rate for vehicle type)
    • Extra cleaning required (up to ₱ 4,000.00)
    • Rescue for locking keys inside the vehicle (₱ 1,000.00)
    • Damaged tire(s)
    • Damaged windscreen
  2. You will need to pay these costs upfront; they will not be deducted from your bond.
  3. We will then inspect the vehicle against the records taken before the vehicle was released to you.
  4. If you cause no damage, the bond will be returned.
  5. If there is a) damage(s) or b) missing item(s), we will hold the bond until a full cost assessment is completed. We will then inform you of the cost to a) repair the damage(s) or b) reinstate the missing item(s), including loss of use and administration charges.
  6. We will not negotiate with you regarding our claim for additional charges, and all amounts will be final and payable immediately.



In case of the Renter’s termination/cancellation of this contract agreement before the agreed end date of this contract, LXV CARS has all the rights to forfeit any amount unused or paid by the Renter, including two months in advance of the security deposit. This will all fall as a penalty and damage to LXV CARS by the Renter.



If you wish to return the vehicle after the originally specified time, you should contact LXV CARS to agree. You will be charged for every calendar month or part calendar month that you have the vehicle after the original agreed date and time at the rate specified on the rental agreement.



If you return the vehicle earlier than the expiration of the rental period, you will not receive any credit whatsoever for the unused rental time.



The vehicles are covered by Comprehensive Insurance for Own Damage and Theft. A Third Party Liability also covers Bodily Injury and Property damage Insurance Coverage vehicles.



Insurance excess is to be paid by you in the event of an accident or theft of the subject vehicle accompanied by a police report.

The Renter is responsible for the first PHP 50,000.00 damages to the Rented vehicle and the first PHP 20,000.00 to Third Party liability for property Damages. The owner of the leased vehicles will only provide PHP 10,000.00 for Third-Party liability if the damages exceed PHP 20,000 Lessee’s responsibility. Suppose the attained damages of the rented vehicles are more than what the insurance can pay. In that case, the renter must shoulder the rest of the fee/payment to restore the vehicle to the original condition as it was delivered to the renter, as approved by the owner.



Insurance does not cover any damage or loss of the key. In case of loss or damage of the key, the hirer is responsible to pay. Rescue for locking the key inside the vehicle will be charged ₱ 1,000.00.



The company or its duly authorized representative may inspect the vehicle anytime during business hours. LXV CARS has been given an opportunity to examine the Rental Vehicle in advance of taking possession of it, and upon such inspection, is not aware of any damage existing on the vehicle other than that notated by separate Existing Damage document.



Vehicles that include tires, tools, equipment, accessories, and vehicle documents do not belong to the Renter. It is delivered to the Renter for rental purposes only and is in good operating condition.

That the vehicle should remain the property of the Company in the case by default of the renter on any of the terms, the Company reserves the right to immediate repossession of the vehicle and all the expenses will be borne by the renter, the company has the aback right to pull out the rented vehicle at any time and place in case the renter failed to renew the contract and failed to pay the obligations.



You’ll pay all fines, penalties, and court costs for parking, traffic, toll, and other violations, including storage liens and charges. You will also pay a reasonable administrative fee with respect to any violation of this agreement, such as for repossessing or recovering the car for any reason. You agree we may, in our sole discretion, pay all tickets, citations, fines, and penalties on your behalf directly to the appropriate authority and you will pay us for what we paid to the appropriate authority or their designated agents plus a reasonable administrative fee. You agree and acknowledge that we cooperate with all federal, state, municipal, and local officials charged with enforcing these infractions to provide any information necessary as they may request or may otherwise be required.


In case of an accident of the vehicle, you hereby agree and undertake to contact us immediately and report the accident to the local police immediately. You hereby agree and undertake to complete the accident report form (as found in your vehicle) secure and keep copies of all relevant documentation, such as but not limited to pictures of the accident, police report, or vehicle accident report issued by the police.

  • The renter must do the following:
  • Take pictures of the accident
  • Photocopy the OR/CR of the vehicle involved
  • Photocopy the license and other identification of the party involved
  • Call the police to secure a police report
  • Ask the party involved to sign the LIABILITY FORM attached in the car rental terms and conditions
  • Copy of the comprehensive insurance of the vehicle involved
  • Liability form: It’s a form that’s attached to the rental terms and condition stating the liabilities of the party at fault/responsible for the accident, It is a must to sign the liability form if; and only if the renter is not the one at fault in the accident in the party involved is there accepting for responsibilities and not running away.

In case of an accident caused by the Renter, the Renter will be charged with 5,000 pesos Administrative fees.


In case of theft of the vehicle, you hereby agree and undertake to exert all efforts to contact us and report the matter to us immediately. You likewise hereby agree and undertake to report the said matter to the nearest police station and secure and keep any and all documents relative thereto such as, but not limited to, police reports.

If the rented vehicle has been lost/car nabbed or in any case that the renter can’t return the vehicle then the renter is responsible for the whole amount of the rented vehicle, it’s based on the selling price of the vehicle at the time of the lost/accident.



In the case of damage or breakdown or mechanical difficulties, you hereby agree and undertake to contact us immediately. We shall give authority for repairs or replacement of cars if necessary.

Total wreck-if the rented vehicle has been damaged severely that it can’t be fixed, the renter is responsible in paying the whole amount of the rented vehicle based on the selling price on the time of the accident/police report date.



The vehicle may be repossessed at the Renter’s cost and without notice, if it is not returned on the due back date, is illegally parked, used in violation of laws or of this agreement, appears to be abandoned, or if the Renter gave false or misleading information at the time of rental. If can’t be contacted or the vehicle, without LXV CARS permission, won’t be returned on the stated due date, the vehicle will be reported as car nabbed.



  • Upon violation of any condition of this contract, we may demand the immediate return of the subject vehicle.
  • We accept no responsibility for and shall not be liable in respect of any loss, damage, alterations, delays or changes arising from civil strife, industrial disputes including air traffic control disputes, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, unavoidable technical problems with transport, closure or congestion of roads, airports or ferry ports, cancellation of scheduled flights or financial failure of airlines.
  • The subject vehicle remains the property of LXV CARS at all times. In case of default by you on any of the terms, we reserve the right to immediate repossession of the vehicle and all the expenses will be borne by you. We have the aback right to pull out the rented vehicle at any time and place in case you have failed to renew the contract and failed to pay the obligations.



LXV CARS is not liable or responsible for any losses of any valuables left in the car. The Renter hereby undertakes and guarantees that the car shall be used and operated for lawful purposes and in strict conformity with all applicable laws, ordinances, and regulations. If the Renter used or permitted a vehicle for any unlawful purpose, he shall render LXV CARS harmless from any and all connected therewith.


In the event that the Renter does violate a stipulation on this Agreement, LXV CARS may request and demand the restoration and the return of the car before the termination of this Agreement, it may be instituted in the city of Makati at the option of LXV CARS. It is understood that the Renter shall defray all Court’s costs, attorney’s fees, and legal interest. We shall charge you an interest of 5% a month for an account over 30 days plus all other costs.

That the parties herein agree to adopt all the stipulation terms and conditions appearing on the front page of this Agreement as an integral part hereof.

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