LXV CARS is the first luxury car rental agency in the Philippines. Located in Makati near the Manila aiport, our Englisg speaking well groomed driver will drive your VIP guests safely all around the Metro.



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Bus Rental Manila – LXV Cars

Bus Rental Manila

Travel in style and comfort with our bus rental Manila at LXV. Our premium buses and coasters are spacious and equipped with all the right features to make your ride as smooth as possible.

Our bus rental Manila is available across the entire Philippines, taking you to your desired destination as you explore this tropical country. Additionally, you get a personal chauffeur with our buses for rent. At LXV, we guarantee that our drivers are professionally trained and possess proper conduct, keeping you comfortable throughout the entire trip.

LXV’s buses and coasters are also available should you want to party while exploring the metro. Experience the wildest party of your dreams while riding a luxurious bus rental Manila, and enjoy your night with friends and family.

  • 11 Passengers
  • Fully Customized Interior
  • Wi-Fi Onboard
  • Mini Fridge & Fresh Water
  • Computer Plugs
  • USB Chargers
  • Service Umbrella
  • 2017 Model
₱1,200 /hourly

Bus Rental FAQs

Enjoy your way around the Philippines through the our bus rental Manila. Experience a pleasant journey with the rented luxury bus, the Mercedes Sprinter Sprinter, and the minibus rental that will deliver you in style and comfort to your vacation spot. Visit the cities of Metro Manila and neighboring provinces of the Philippines with the coaster bus that will carry you to your ideal location. Experience a first-class ride with the rented luxury minibus.

Ensure no one gets left behind with LXV’s fleet of luxury rented buses suitable for a large group of people. The services range from but are not limited to corporate business trips, city tours, party purposes, and leisure road trips.

LXV guarantees our vans and buses offer superior space and utmost safety and convenience to your destination and back.

Got questions? Check out our FAQs, or send us a message for your other concerns.

How much does an LXV charter bus cost?

The cost of renting an LXV charter bus varies depending on the trip. It will be determined by the date, length of the tour, and type of bus rental you choose. Calling +63917-162-7737 for a free quote is the best approach to get a sense of the price for your New York charter bus.

Where can my LXV rented bus take me?

LXV Bus rentals can transport parties to any location within Manila or Luzon. Keep in mind that there may be restrictions on where big vehicles can travel on certain streets and roads. However, rest assured that our handpicked drivers always think and plan ahead, so you are always in the best hands possible.

Are your bus rentals available for self-drive options?

Unfortunately, only LXV-designated professional drivers will be authorized to drive your chartered bus rental. Rest assured that before embarking on each trip, drivers in the Manila Charter Bus Company network are thoroughly inspected, assuring that they exhibit proper conduct and driving skills to tour you around. 

How far in advance should I hire a bus rental Manila?

Metro Manila is a bustling vacation destination and is usually quite high in demand during top travel seasons like summer, or significant holidays. If you plan on going during these peak travel seasons, book your bus rental Manila at least one month ahead of time. This will ensure that you obtain the greatest deal throughout the peak travel season. When planning a trip to Manila during the off-season, you should book your bus for rent at least three months in advance.