LXV CARS is the first luxury car rental agency in the Philippines. Located in Makati near the Manila aiport, our Englisg speaking well groomed driver will drive your VIP guests safely all around the Metro.



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Bridal Cars For Rent Manila – LXV Cars

Bridal Cars For Rent Manila

With LXV’s bridal cars for rent in Manila, head to your most awaited wedding day and reach the beautiful churches of the city capital of the Philippines. This service features a luxurious ride with your chosen premium wedding car waiting to take you to your dream wedding.

Our bridal car rental services at LXV add an elegant touch to your wedding day, especially when taking your glamorous wedding photos. At LXV, we believe that ‘Nothing beats a classic.’ LXV’s collection of classic and vintage cars will make you feel like royalty throughout the ride.

Whether you need a bridal car for rent, wedding transfers, or simply to make a classic statement on the road on your big day, LXV is the trusted wedding car rental in Manila.

With our wedding cars, you are given a professional chauffeur to accompany you. Enjoy a comfortable and luxurious road experience on your wedding day with our bridal car rental in Manila, Philippines.

  • 11 Passengers
  • Fully Customized Interior
  • Wi-Fi Onboard
  • Mini Fridge & Fresh Water
  • Computer Plugs
  • USB Chargers
  • Service Umbrella
  • 2017 Model
₱1,200 /hourly

Why Choose LXV's Bridal Cars for Rent Manila

At LXV, we want you to feel special on your wedding day. Experience luxury when you ride the perfect bridal car as our handpicked driver takes you to your beautiful wedding church. Our bridal car rental services are exceptional and highly recommended, guaranteeing a memorable and grandiose arrival on your special day.

Affordable Bridal Car Rental Manila

LXV offers affordable all-inclusive bridal car rental rates. This means you will be paying car rental, taxes, fuel, parking, and toll fees in one. No hidden charges or surprises to pull under our sleeves that will shock you!

Our bridal car rental quotation is transparent, assuring you that you will get all the needed details to prevent any hassle or inconvenience on your wedding day.

Best Bridal Car Services in Manila

At LXV luxury bridal cars for rent, we only provide the best while also offering our customers their very own personal driver. All of our professional chauffeurs are courteous and have undergone meticulous training. They show the utmost respect towards their passengers, ensuring you a memorable experience and giving you an extraordinary feel on your wedding day.

Because we are the best, you have the liberty to choose from our wide selection of luxury cars — from Rolls Royce Ghost to BMW, luxury limousines, vintage bridal cars, and wedding sports cars. Choose the best luxury car, and be the most luxurious bride on your wedding day.

Car Flower Services Manila

We can also add flowers for your wedding car rental and put it in the front of our bridal cars for rent. Contact us to verify which cars can have this service possible.

Avail our special wedding car add -ons:

  • Wedding Car Bouquet
  • Customized Plate containing the names of the bride & groom

You deserve the best on your special day, and our car flower services can give you the luxurious and extraordinary feel for one of your most special events.

Wedding Car Rental Services

At LXV, your options are limitless. Choose from our diverse selection of bridal car rental services.

Wedding Car Rental Manila

We provide luxury wedding cars for rent for your special events. Rent a Rolls Royce or a Ferrari and impress your guests as you arrive at your wedding church and reception.

Ride in a vintage car or a prestige car and enjoy feeling like a royalty straight out of a classic movie.

Rent A Limo For Your Wedding Manila

Our wedding limousines will add luxury and help you feel relaxed throughout the ride.

Enjoy a ride with a skilled and professional chauffeur who will help you arrive safely and hassle-free on your wedding day.

The wedding cars for rent have exclusive limousine services especially for you. Our chauffeured limousine ride at LXV gives you the feeling of royalty on your wedding day.

Rent A Rolls Royce For Your Wedding

Let your guests turn their heads, and hire the luxurious Rolls Royce bridal car to arrive at your wedding elegantly. The LXV bridal cars for rent have chauffeur services that will take you to Manila’s beautiful churches in the safest and comfortable ride possible.

Arrive at any location, prepared for any special occasion, with the Rolls-Royce Ghost. The Ghost, painted in arctic white, makes it perfect for weddings, VIP transfers, and prestige corporate drives.

Its interior is also very comfortable with leather seats and armrests, plush carpets, and of course, reclining rear seats. It’s designed for maximum comfort and serene cruising around Metro Manila.

Rent A Sports Car For Your Wedding Manila

Feeling extra? Have a luxurious and extraordinary feel on your wedding day with our wedding sports cars for rent.

Rent an LXV premium sports car for the groom or bride to have a grandiose arrival at the church.